Changing the FSW Display Name

When running an Exchange DAG sometime it is required to move the File Share Witness to another server. This is done through set-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup. After this is successfully done, you might notice that the Failover Cluster Manager or Powershell are still displaying the old server, allthough everything is working as expected.

Well, the Name you see when you run Get-ClusterResource is only the DisplayName (just a property, nothing important). If you run Get-ClusterResource | Get-ClusterParameter you will see that the SharePath Property display the correct server, so nothing to worry about.

Anyway, you might want to change the displayname – but there is no set-clusterresource or a rename commandlet. The solution: The name attribute for most cluster objects is configurable. So just run this command:

(get-ClusterResource “OldFSW”).Name = “NewFSW”


(Get-ClusterResource “File Share Witness (\\oldfswserver.dom.local\dag01.dom.local)”).Name=”File Share Witness (\\newserver.dom.local\dag01.dom.local)”

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